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  • To present Jesus Christ as the foundation and center of all learning and living 
  • To prepare young minds and hearts to succeed and thrive
  • To foster acceptance of others
  • To strive for academic excellence 
  • To encourage moral development
Our Goal is to:
  • Create an environment where staff and students view God as the most wonderful Person in their lives and the joy of this relationship is openly shared and radiated to the community.
  • Provide a curriculum which addresses the needs of all so they can attain their potential.
  • Nurture interpersonal skills and emotional growth among community, family, and peers.
  • Promote a community of parents and church, who work together for the greater good of the school and the success of its students.
  • Make the benefits of a Christian education available to all who desire it. 

So that students will:

  • Have the opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, commit their lives to God, and develop a desire to do God’s will in every area of their lives.
  • Develop Christian leadership skills, enabling them to live a life of service to God. 
  • Develop an appreciation and desire for academic excellence, and demonstrate competence in communication, thinking, and quantitative skills. 
  • Learn to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle in activity, dress, eating habits and temperance. Respect themselves and each other, and display responsible citizenship.
  • Develop an appreciation for the dignity of labor, along with a general awareness of career options appropriate to their interests and God-given abilities.
  • Develop a joy of learning that lasts a lifetime.
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